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Bismuth Crystal Puzzle. 52

Titel : Bismuth Crystal Puzzle. 52
Material : Holz
Format : ca. 23 x 23 cm
Teilezahl : ca. 157 Teile
Hersteller : Nervous System
Art.-Nr. : NS 037 - 52
79,90 EUR
Verstanden habe ich Folgenes: die Form des Puzzles bzw. der Puzzleteile folgt den Bismuth-Kristallen der Natur. Jedes Puzzle ist ein Unikat, d.h. wird ein-malig vom Computer generiert.

Für Menschen mit den höheren Weihen der Naturwissenschaften zitiere ich den Originaltext:

The Bismuth Crystal Puzzle is a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle inspired by the remarkable geometric patterns found in bismuth crystals. Each puzzle is uniquely generated through a computer simulation, mirroring the natural variations in shape and design. Pick a color way and you will receive a one-of-a-kind design made just for you.

Puzzle artwork
The puzzle artwork is inspired by the distinctive structures created by bismuth’s "hopper growth." Imagine a set of miniature, interconnected staircases or terraces, each stacked upon the other, creating a surreal, layered landscape. The images are grown in a simulation we created inspired by bismuth and are available in five vibrant color schemes.

Puzzle Cut style - Matrix
These puzzles have a geometric cut mirroring the puzzle's crystalline nature. Become enmeshed in the matrix cut! The puzzle pieces explore a nonuniform grid, revealing an intriguing network.

- each puzzle is about 9 x 9 inches
- contains about 157 pieces
- 4mm maple plywood with digitally painted artwork